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Welcome to Doreen Leaf Designs blog. We are excited to share with you  tips, trends & great ideas. as well as the fun events that are happening  in  the store throughout the year.  We’d love to hear from you and share with us any bridal related topics you would like to know more about. You  may also visit our store website at Doreen Leaf Designs.

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This years MUST HAVE bridal accessory is the bracelet!

Be it large or small it is the finishing touch..

Tips for choosing the perfect bracelet:

1. If you have a lovely family heirloom WEAR IT!!

2. Choose a bracelet that is size appropriate for you.

3. Make sure the bracelet does NOT have a

rough clasp or prongs that will snag your dress.

Stretch bracelets are great!!

Just as in your day wear, multiple bracelets can be worn.

Make it FABULOUS, but don’t over do it!

Bracelets make a great gift for anyone from 2 to 102.

Many times bracelets can be made in a custom length,

so you have no problem fitting a larger or smaller wrist.

Have fun accessory shopping, and don’t forget the bracelet!!!

Andrea & I had a fun day Monday, when we met with Joy Benedict from

News Channel 5 in Cleveland.

Andrea got to try out an undergarment that claims to make you

3 sizes smaller!!!

Tune in Monday March 1st on channel 5 at 11

to see what we thought about this product!!

Or check it out on their website

after it airs Monday night!!

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