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Doors Open!!

Every January Brides bare the elements and wait in line for our $99 sale. This year was no different.  The staff was ready, the doors opened & we all went to work. The Brides started choosing their dresses & the fitting rooms filled up.

Brides were happy with their gowns with price tags from $99 to $299. Our clearance sales are every year in January & July all currently marked down items are their lowest prices during those sales.

Tips on buying a clearance dress:

1. Inspect the dress from top to bottom so you know if there are any problems with the dress. Most issues can be fixed. You will want to find out how much any repairs will cost.

2. Don’t hesitate to try on a dress that is not your normal size. Wedding gowns traditionally run small to begin with. When you look at dresses on sale look at dresses 2 to 3 sizes larger than your wedding gown size as well. When the price of the dress is great. You can usually afford  to take it in. If you fall in love with a dress that is to small, never fear, sometimes there is room to let it out. Another option would be to change it into a lace up back, allowing for the extra space needed and adding a design element.

3. Find out what the storage & pressing fees are. Traditionally these are not included when buying a clearance dress.

Bridal gown presses & ready to go.

You can have a beautiful gown at any budget!! Don’t forget to look at the clearance rack!


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